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Cape San Blas - The Perfect Natural Retreat

Cape San Blas is located in The Forgotten Coast of the Florida Panhandle and offers a very laid back and natural vibe. Can you believe Cape San Blas is home to the second largest dune system in America?! "The Cape," as most of us locals call it, is the most beautiful location on The Forgotten Coast. Some ask why we are considered The Forgotten Coast and a simple answer is, look around. Most of our preserved lands are not being knocked down for huge sky scrapers, we don't offer dozens of different go-kart tracks or golf, and no club scene. This is a true vacation spot to wind down and enjoy life with family. When you arrive, you will understand island time and how The Forgotten Coast got its name.

A typical family vacation in today's world is busier than your daily work day. You plan a sun up to sun down day for a week and drain yourself to make the most of it. Why? Why are you going on vacation to begin with, is it to need another afterwards? That's why I call our area, "The Perfect Natural Retreat." There are plenty of things to do with the family, but not an overbearing and commercialized tourist trap. Enjoy our amazing beaches and clear water in both the bay and the gulf. Mass amounts of hiking trails will keep the body moving and the kids exploring. Some of the best fishing in the world is here by surf, boat, or kayak! Last but not least, our locally owned restaurants will keep you full of great food and even locally caught seafood.

If you plan to come and enjoy our area for vacation, be prepared to have the best vacation of your life! Sit back, slow down, take a breath, and have a Blas!

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