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Kayak Safety Tips before you take your adventure in Port St. Joe or surrounding areas.

Updated: Apr 11

A sunny and bright afternoon of kayaking in Port St. Joe, Fl, or the surrounding areas promises a fun and relaxing experience for you, your friends, or your family.

You can spend the day enjoying the beauty of the sparkling clear and calm water and the excitement of gliding on the water. On the other hand, kayaking could deliver a dangerous adventure if you do not follow important safety procedures. Most folks never have any issues at all, but we want all our Kayak renters to be safe and create memories that will last forever.

Here are five reasons why kayak safety is important:

Stay safe on the open water: Kayaking takes you away from the confines of a pool. You’re in the open water on a lake or ocean and need to follow tips for kayaking safely because factors like the wind and weather can make the water dangerous.

Avoid drowning: Kayakers who do not follow kayaking safety precautions increase their risk of drowning. For example, if someone chooses to go out on the water without a life jacket, they’re putting themselves at risk in the event of an accident. Fighting Conch Kayak Rentals provide lifejackets the correct size for all our kayak renters.

Protect against injuries: You can get sunburned while out kayaking, but beyond that, you could also injure your arms, wrists, head, and more. Following safety guidelines will help you reduce and prevent your chance of injury so you can head back out sooner. We suggest packing up some sunscreen and even a hat to keep your head cool. Make sure you bring some drinks and snacks also.

Navigate wildlife: Whether you want to kayak in a nearby pond or the open sea, you’ll encounter some wildlife. Following safety precautions will help you avoid such areas or safely navigate them.

Continue kayaking: Whether you come out of your kayak excited and anticipating the next adventure or hurry out of the water vowing never to go back again is determined by how safely you go about kayaking.

When it comes to kayaking safety and kayak rentals, everyone can agree on this: Paddling on your favorite lake, bay, or ocean with a bunch of friends — or with your family — and riding through waves and currents is an exhilarating experience.

If you want to keep doing it, though, you need to safely return to shore each time.

That’s why it’s important to learn and follow kayaking safety tips because those tips will help you — and everyone you kayak with — kayak safely. If you have any questions at all about Kayaking safety, please reach out to our kayak rental experts at: 1-850-629-7569 and they can answer any questions you may have and show you a few tips when they drop off your kayak rentals.

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