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Scallop Season in Port St. Joe

Updated: Mar 4

Scallop season is here for Port St Joe Bay! Known for a great scalloping experience, Port St Joe will be inundated with visitors from all over and boats lined up at the city boat launch as far as you can see. With the long wait times for launching, a kayak is a great alternative to get out in the shallow waters with family to enjoy nature, collect scallops, and protect wildlife in shallow waters where a lot of scallops are found. The seagrass and marine species that live in these areas get destroyed by propellers in such shallow areas, which have a direct impact to the ecosystem in the bay. The season starts August 16th and runs through September 24th. We deliver the same day for free and offer many extras to make your rental experience perfect. Good luck and enjoy our natural paradise in a Fighting Conch kayak!

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