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Rules & Regulations


  1.  Must be 21 years of age or older to rent kayak(s).

  2.  A lifejacket must be worn at all times.

  3.  Do not use paddles to push off the bottom, as it breaks the end of the paddles.

  4.  The returned kayak must be empty of any trash or be subject to a cleaning fee.

  5.  No dragging kayaks on the ground as it causes holes.

  6.  Wash the kayak and equipment down with freshwater after use.

  7.  The kayak is to be operated safely and in accordance with all Florida, federal, and  local boating regulations,  laws, and ordinances.

  8.  All individuals must abide by all Florida Wildlife Commission regulations and rules   in fishing and/or   collecting of marine species.  Download the free app "Fish Rules" to check bag limits and seasons of fish   and other marine species. 

  9.  No consumption of alcohol or controlled substances while operating the kayak.

  10.  The kayak is to only be used during daylight hours. 

  11.  Do not take the kayak more than one mile from shore.

Beach Gear

  1.  We are a leave no trace beach community.

  2.  Do not leave any equipment on the beach overnight.

  3.  Wash off equipment with fresh tap water after use at end of day.

  4.  Do not use beach chairs or tables on hard surfaces such as concrete, asphalt, etc...

  5.  The renter is responsible for lost or damaged gear and will be charged accordingly.

  6.  On the day of your departure, please leave equipment in the area it was dropped off and in carry bags if   equipment is stored in such. 

  7.  We are not responsible for any injury due to normal or misuse of equipment. 

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