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Why Fighting Conch Sportswear?

Us land mammals have a thin protective coating called skin, which the sun attacks and can cause permanent damage as well as cancer. The Florida Fighting Conch has a strong decorative shell for protection while scurrying about in the open and shallow waters. Fighting Conch Sportswear gives us mammals our own decorative shell with our UPF performance fishing shirts! Our shells, I mean shirts, are also made in Florida! Hand sewn with the utmost premium and lightweight microfiber polyester, you can flaunt your stuff not only while fishing, but any outdoor activity to protect your skin and keep you cool! 


When we say premium shells, we mean it! Not only being hand sewn by Americans right here in Florida, our shells offer properties such as:


-Lightweight and comfortable

-Moisture wicking for quick drying

-Non-fading from exposure to the elements 

-Dye sublimation printing (No uncomfortable and hot vinyl stickers)

-Anti-microbial technology 


Now choose a Fighting Conch Sportswear design that fits you, and go "fight" fish in the shallow bays or deep oceans in style!

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